Safest Cryptos To Buy In 2022

The start of 2022 was quite unfortunate for the crypto holders. As soon as the year began, the World of crypto saw shocking devastations. The bear trend caused many investors to lose the money put into the market. What made things even worse was the decline in the stock market. Those who had invested heavily in crypto, as well as stocks, had to go through some real panic! This downfall in the stocks was the worst ever since the last crisis in 2008. During this fall, only those investors remained safe who had made a comprehensive investment strategy.

So, what should you do now? What should be your investment strategy in 2022? Should you avoid investing at all?

To stay safer while betting in the World of crypto, you need to invest in the following cryptos as they will reduce your chances of loss in this volatile situation.

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1. Bitcoin

Despite its great fall in January, it still is one of the safest bets to make in 2022. In the digital currency asset class, BTC is the blue-chip of coins you can get your hands on. Investing in it gives you some level of safety and security.

It is a much-preferred currency in today’s time due to its various achievements in the past, for instance. It is the first coin that the CME group has used to offer future contracts. By doing this, the company enhances the level of trust people have in bitcoin.

Alongside this, the exchange-traded fund in the United States of America follows the ups and downs of bitcoin keenly. Another thing that ensures that despite the high volatility in the market, Bitcoin can still be trusted is that Telse has purchased around 1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin. The Telse followers found it quite a good action and decided to bid on bitcoin.

Bitcoin will surely be a much greater part of the crypto market in the coming years. Its share is increasing with every passing day, and in a few years, it will be the highest amongst all! If you are looking forward to buying multiple bitcoins, you can easily manage them through

2. Ethereum

Apart from Bitcoin, placing bets on Ethereum is also a safe option. At the moment, this altcoin has the second-highest market share at the value of somewhere around $300 billion. The fact that it is based on blockchain makes it secure crypto to go for.

This decentralized form of currency makes smart contracts that offer great security to the ideal. The NFTs backing Ethereum are also emerging at a greater rate, with the dApps gaining acceptance all across the World.

The only concern with crypto is it is inefficient in energy. The more the transactions occur, the more energy is used, which makes it inconvenient for the environment. However, to manage this shortcoming, ETH has been made quite inexpensive. Hence, people are shifting towards it in greater numbers.

If you have bought some Bitcoins and want to expand your portfolio, your second safest bet is surely that of Ethereum. In 2022, you should surely get some of them and make them a part of your investment profile.

3. Salona

The third safest crypto in 2022 is Salona. Being one of the biggest competitors of ETH, it surely has a lot of fan following, trusting its efficacy.

What makes Salona a favorite of most buyers is its programmer-friendly nature. It is extremely easy to use and manage. The rust language is extremely easy to code; hence, many experts opt for it. Blockchain-based games that are based on this coin’s programming method are slowly becoming popular.

Most recently, Salona showed a peak of somewhere around $260. This is higher than both Bitcoin and Ethereum; Salona’s recent surge in demand is completely justified.

Final Thoughts

Even though crypto did show a huge downfall recently, you shouldn’t give up on it completely. It surely is a part of the future and will aid you to make great revenues and profit out of it. All you need to do is stay a little cautious of the market sentiments and decide your next move efficiently.

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