What Are Millennials And Gen Z Investing In?

The coronavirus pandemic highlighted some interesting trends in the field of investment, with a growing number of young investors (including Millennial and Generation Z demographics) committing to forex trading through 2020.

What’s more, the pace of investment in stocks has picked up along Millennials of late, with this demographic owning 2.5% of equities in Q2 2021 (up from 1.8% in Q1).

But what are these demographics investing in, and are they beginning to have a significant influence on the world’s financial markets?

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What Are These Demographics Investing In?

In terms of the investment choices of Millennials and Generation Z members, there are a number of striking and intriguing investment choices. These include:

  • Stocks are Now King: As many as 73% of Gen Z investors and 66% of Millennial alternatives are now invested in stocks and checking best stock research sites to diversify their money, making this the single most common type of investment in the 18 to 40 age groups.
  • The Rise of Cryptocurrencies: Interestingly, 40% of investors aged between 18 and 40 are now also invested in cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin (BTC) and a large number of diverse altcoins in the digital age.
  • Meme Stocks are of Low Interest: While meme stocks and crypto assets are synonymous with 18 to 40 year olds, just 30% actually own this type of equity. This suggests that younger investors are becoming increasingly serious and focused on more generative assets.
  • Growth Stocks Remain High Priorities: On a similar note, some 58% of Millennial and Gen Z members own growth and small-cap stocks, while the same properties also hold dividend shares. These are the most popular types of stock, with value equities following closely behind.

What Are The Key Findings Here?

There’s a clear takeaway here, with Millennials and Generation Z investors increasingly looking to bridge the gap between new and old investment strategies (and asset classes).

This is indicative of any portfolio that includes traditional dividend stocks and crypto assets, while it showcases an ambitious mindset that embraces both secure stores of wealth and speculative returns.

When it comes to their interest in crypto assets, younger investors are also increasingly inclined to seek out data from sites such as social media, along with other relatively unstructured datasets.

What’s most interesting here is that Millennials and Generation Z members continue to showcase an increasingly diverse and complex investment approach, and one that includes various sources of data and asset classes. This arguably increases their chances of success over time, particularly when pursuing sustainable, long-term returns.

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