Lipstick Enigma: A Lipstick Installation of Geeky Goodness

In my opinion, there are two separate and distinct types of girl geeks in the world (maybe even more). One type of girl geek is the hardcore geek who doesn’t like any distinction between her and a guy geek. She views being feminine as an unnecessary weakness. She is always willing to take on a guy geek at any moment, and she usually wins. She is tough and brilliant. I got a handful of nasty emails from girls after writing this Lego article because I called it “for the ladies.” Those messages probably came from this type of geek girl.

The second type of girl geek is the one like me. We are what I would call “girly girl geeks.” We love to wear high heels and lipstick, but we can still kick some serious ass in the geek department. My favorite color is pink, but I don’t see that as a weakness, and I have a strong confidence in my geek abilities.

This “Lipstick Enigma” is for the girly girl geeks like me. Yay! This is an inspiring computer-driven sentence-generator. According to Today and Tomorrow, “The sculpture is made of 1,200 lipsticks powered by 1,200 stepper motors, controlled by 60 circuit boards.” This software will actually create its own text and displays it through mechanical pixels, all based on rules entered by the artist. It is activated with a simple motion detector. Thank you, Janet Zweig, for creating an installation that once again shows that girly girl geeks rule!

Lipstick Enigma from Janet Zweig on Vimeo.