Tips For Transitioning To Online Poker For Land Based Casino Players

If you’ve played poker at the table in land-based casinos for most of your gaming career, making the shift to online poker games may be somewhat challenging. In our opinion, though, it’s worth the effort, as small stakes online poker can be great fun.

Although you will need to invest some time into perfecting your online game, the chances of winning large amounts can be high. This is down to the relatively low buy-ins which can range between $2 and $10. If this sounds attractive, and you’re ready to dabble in the exciting world of online poker, check out these essential tips which can help you onto your journey of success.

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11 Essential Tips To Improve Your Online Poker Game

Here are some handy tips to help complete novices of online poker to become more comfortable with their game and increase their chances of winning.

  1. Pace Yourself. If you’re planning on playing a long game for several hours, try and be patient. Get a good understanding of these poker charts, and make sure you’re only betting big when it’s necessary. If this doesn’t sound like your kind of game, you’re probably better suited to quicker tournaments. You’ll still have the chance to win big bucks and have fun too!
  2. Prepare for Crazy Swings. The big difference in online poker is the giant swings and the high number of opponents that can occur. Many online players are ‘recreational’, and so your best strategy could be to call your raises and ‘all-in-ones’ consistently. The outcome of such games can be unpredictable, so make sure your bankroll is sufficient, so you’re never caught short.
  3. Keep Your Play Simple. Don’t worry too much about calling other players bluffs. You’ll probably find they only care about their own cards anyway. Instead, let your cards fall naturally while trying to get the best value from each hand. If you’re playing at low stakes, bet low. Your opponents will enjoy calling your bets.
  4. Use ‘Big Hands’. Hands are usually played in a manner that allows you to distance yourself from the pots if needed. Notice patterns in the gameplay of other opponents and be aware of everyday actions. Weak players constantly raising on the river probably have some winning cards.
  5. Don’t Worry About the Style of Play. If you’re playing with less experienced players, they won’t be reading your betting anyway. For the more advanced opponents, this is, however, something you’ll need to monitor carefully. As a beginner, focus your efforts on learning the game and the strategies required to win.
  6. Become Familiar With Online Nuances. Use the ‘time bank’ feature to set aside time for ‘acting up’ when taking part in ‘live cash’ events. Remember to take back offers or bonuses on the cashier page. Remember the number of hands per hour in online poker is lower than a real-life game. Pace yourself and take your time to learn your game correctly.
  7. Begin With Single Tables. You may be tempted to jump straight into multi-table play. However, before doing this, you really need to develop your technical understanding of the game. The truth is that you can consistently win on just one table of online poker. Once you feel confident, increase the number of play tables one at a time.
  8. Set Up Distraction-Free Space. While sitting at a real casino table is an easy way to fill your time, online casinos are more difficult. There’s the constant distraction of checking your phone, surfing the web or making calls, which can result in not only silly mistakes but poor hands as well. Take your game seriously by focusing your attention on it and gradually working up the number of tables being played.
  9. Upgrade Your Hardware. If you’re a fan of playing online poker while sitting in front of your living room TV, you should consider changing this habit. It’s best to have a separate desk and chair away from your living space because it will help you to adopt a professional attitude. Choose the right equipment like high definition monitors, ergonomic chairs and high-quality mice for a more comfortable experience. Doing so will ultimately improve your chance of winning.
  10. Make Your Work Area Pleasant. Enable easy access to cold drinks and healthy snacks, play background music and have decorative items like plants on display. Working in a personalised environment allows you to make better decisions while playing online poker, and you’ll also feel more comfortable despite the sometimes-long hours you have to invest in your game.
  11. Use the Right Software. Using poker software can help you improve your game. Some great features you can use with poker software include note-taking, colour coding of opponents and customisable data displays amongst many others. As an added bonus, many platforms are also entirely free!

Keen To Increase Your Success In Online Poker?

Try these proven tips in your next game and watch your winnings slowly increase.

  1. Try and be patient with longer games, and if you can’t, swap to quick tournaments.
  2. When playing with recreational players, call your raises and ‘all in ones’ more often.
  3. Keep your play simple and allow your cards to fall naturally.
  4. Monitor your opponents and their behavior to exploit their play vulnerabilities.
  5. Focus on a ‘winning strategy’ as a novice rather than trying to read other players.
  6. Use the features unique to online poker to your advantage like the ‘time bank’.
  7. Start playing on single tables and gradually increase as your confidence improves.
  8. Establish a pleasant, distraction-free space where you can focus on your game well.
  9. Consider updating your hardware or software for a more comfortable or successful poker experience.

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