B21 Joins The DNA Fund Portfolio [Press Release]

Gibraltar, April 20, 2018 –  The DNA.Fund has expanded its portfolio of promising clients with the addition of crypto asset portfolio manager B21. B21 is the world’s first personal wealth manager exclusively focused on crypto assets. Their aim is to bring crypto asset investing to the mass market, making investing in crypto assets easy and available to everyone. The B21 team is focused on building a community of global investors to drive growth and adoption of blockchain technologies.

B21 is differentiating itself by developing a platform which makes the currently complex crypto asset markets easily manageable over a smartphone application. B21 allows customers to invest in crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS as well as other altcoins using local fiat currency. The company is solving on ramping, user interface and trust issues by launching an easy to use, transparent and regulated service1 targeted at the general public.

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All-In-One-Account Crypto Asset Management Solution

With the B21 application, customers will only need one account to create and manage a portfolio of crypto assets whereas other competitive offerings would require multiple accounts, passwords, and account verification processes. To drive the power of a global community B21 will offer account holders the ability to vote for new assets which will be made available on the platform, truly returning the power of investment capital back to the people.

“We are honored to be working with the DNA team,” said Miles Paschini, Co-founder of B21, “in today’s rapidly changing landscape of building global communities, it is necessary to work with strategic partners like DNA.  With its deep and wide expertise in building blockchain technologies and communities, DNA will provide the necessary investment, guidance and support that a young startup needs. The DNA team constitutes a mix of young and experienced team members who have both hands on and a visionary view.”

The B21 management team includes Miles Paschini, Nitin Agarwal, Simon Pearson and Lance Taschner who have extensive experience in managing and building regulated financial services applications as well as cryptocurrency related products.  In addition to the DNA team, B21 is advised by industry leaders Brock Pierce and Joey Garcia.

DNA Fund, headquartered in Puerto Rico with offices in Santa Monica, CA and Austin, TX, sources and provides funding, strategy and consulting for the world’s highest potential decentralized projects.

B21C Limited, headquartered in Gibraltar with company registration number 116274, is a fintech company developing a personal wealth management platform exclusively for crypto assets. 1The company has applied to be regulated by the Gibraltar FSC under the DLT licensing scheme.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact B21 at info@b21.io or visit the website at http://www.b21.io.

Contact: Miles Paschini  – B21C Limited

Phone: +1 858-281-1381

Email: info@b21.io

B21’s token and services are not available to citizens and residents of the United States of America and People’s Republic of China at this time. The statements contained herein may include prospects, statements of future expectations and other forward-looking statements that are based on management’s current views and assumptions and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Actual results, performance or events may differ materially from those expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements. This press release is not an offer of advice or securities.

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