Retro Revolution

To cut the mirror from the SLR provides a far more enjoyable and better consumer camera, but the Olympus E-P1, can not justifiably be called an SLR since it has no mirrors.

But – by removing the mirror the camera becomes thinner and can use smaller lenses, so the result is a thinner and really compact system camera.

Image chip is still in the Four-Thirds-size, which makes the image quality in the SLR class.

Video in HD
Olympus E-P1 has a resolution of 12.3 megapixels and light sensitivity range from ISO 100 to 6400, but perhaps the most interesting thing about this camera is the video function that allows you to shoot video in 720p HD resolution. Olympus E-P1 even allows you to use auto focus while recording movies.

Controlled with wheels
You can also find two wheels on the back. One for the blender and one for the shutter in manual mode. The screen changes from darker or lighter mode as you adjust the aperture or shutter, which is very convenient.

Olympus E-P1 does the job when it comes to image quality.
Olympus uses half as much sensor as Canon, Nikon and Sony. This can give a little less detail and more noise at high ISO settings, but most will not notice the difference.
The camera has no built-in flash, and no optical viewfinder. Both of these can be purchased as an accessory. The 3 “screen doesn’t have the resolution high enough to set the sharpness manually.

Overall a cool camera, some shortcomings, but quite the interesting consumer camera with a sweet twist of SLR in it…