Cool Spoof | Here It Goes Again!

I am sure that you have already seen the video of the four guys who amazingly danced on the treadmill.  I love that video as I was truly impressed by the way that they performed. I have two left feet and the only time you will see me dance is during school or at office events, and that will only be because we are required to do so.

Nowadays, people are used to submitting their own versions of the videos they watch. I found a comparison video that was created and put together side by side. The video that you will see here is the performance of four students that did the same dance live in front of students during one of their school programs. See how much effort and practice that went to the routine?  They did it the exact same way as the original performance. The dancers were students of GrandBury High School. Would you believe their video received more pageviews that the original one?! They got over 2,000,000 page views, while the original video only got over 500,000 page views!! How cool is that?!

I included the comparison video! Enjoy!