Should Canadian Seniors Consider CBD Oil? What We Know So Far

CBD has become a popular talk among many Canadians. It’s not surprising really, since how interesting it is to talk about CBD, especially since the legalization of industrial hemp in Canada. But while CBD is popular among young adults and middle-aged, seniors are also interested in CBD as well.

But when we are talking about seniors and CBD at the same time, there are always safety concerns that people often bring. Like is CBD safe for seniors? Are there any side effects that seniors to be aware of? And so on.

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Should Canadian Seniors Take CBD? What Research Says

CBD or cannabidiol is an all-natural compound that is commonly found in hemp plants. We still don’t know everything about this compound, but what we know so far suggests that cannabidiol offers some benefits to certain medical pains such as depression, anxiety, pain, etc. for some users.

However, CBD is often tied closely to THC, which has psychoactive properties that could make you high. The truth is, CBD and THC can be separated entirely from each other. So people who want to take CBD but do not want to touch THC at all can do so by purchasing a certain product.

To make it easier for you, I’d recommend learning these common CBD terminologies: CBD isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. CBD isolate products only contain CBD and nothing else – perfect for people who want to stay away from THC completely.

Full-spectrum products contain all the compounds that are naturally occurring in the hemp plant, including THC, but the amount of THC is usually less than 0.3%. And broad-spectrum products contain all the compounds that are naturally occurring in the hemp plant except THC.

Now you know why these terminologies are important, especially for Seniors in Canada. Always choose a product accordingly, so you can get the best experience possible and be among CBD users who are happy with taking cannabidiol.

Popular CBD Products For Seniors

Now there are so many options available in Canada – no matter how old you are there is always something that could work best for you. Obviously, your personal preferences are going to play an important role here.

Capsules And pills

Capsules and pills are probably going to work best for seniors. CBD capsules and pills are designed to be efficient and convenient. Many Canadians who don’t like the earthy and bitter taste of CBD oil or don’t want to be bothered with the process of taking CBD tend to choose capsules and pills.

These products offer a ‘tasteless’ and quick alternative to taking CBD. Besides, I am pretty sure many seniors are already familiar with capsules and pills. So they shouldn’t have any difficulties at taking them regularly.


You simply can’t go wrong with edibles. Basically, anyone can get into edibles and with the number of options that Canadians have today, even the pickiest seniors can find a type of edible that they like. Take gummies, chocolates, and baked goods, and pastries, for example, are available in various shapes and sizes. Gummies especially are available in many different flavors on the market. You can even find CBD coffee and tea on many online and brick-and-mortar stores.

These edibles are a great way to introduce someone to CBD. I think they are also the least intimidating method of taking CBD that we have. If you are having difficulty choosing a product, try edibles and see how you like them.

CBD Oils

Oils may not look as interesting as edibles or even capsules, but they are always reliable. If you are looking for a product that is simple with no fluff, then try CBD oils and full-spectrum is the most common. Finding and taking CBD oil in Canada is very straightforward, simply buy it online or nearby and put one or more drops under the tongue. You should be able to feel the effects without waiting for too long.

Some CBD oils are bitter, and some people don’t like that. If you are just like them, you can find oils or tinctures that are flavored. There are some flavors such as banana, chocolate, etc. that you can find. And some oils also contain additional ingredients like supplements and sweeteners.

Controlling The Dosage

One more important topic for seniors is controlling the dosage. It is difficult to determine the best dosage for each person. And two people taking the same dosage could react differently. Therefore, the best solution is to start with lower doses. So start from the lower doses and see how your body reacts. If you think the potency is lacking, increase the dosage until you feel the effects that you desire.


Now that you know what CBD is, it’s time to decide if CBD might work for you. As always, it’s recommended to consult your physician before trying.

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