Our Top Money-Saving Tips For Pet Owners

Britain has found itself in a cost-of-living crisis. This means, for many Brits across the country, taking a closer look at where our pennies are really going. But what does this entail for us pet-loving Brits? Read on, to find out.

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How Much Do We Spend On Our Pets?

One of the most significant expenses comes from the whopping 34 million pets living in over 17 million households across the UK. Luxury grooming, constant medical care, and delicious treats – it’s great for our pets, but is it great for our wallets?

Online Betting Guide (OLBG) has conducted research into the UK’s discretionary outgoings to answer all our spending habit questions. Hold on to your wallets, because OLBG found that Brits are spending almost £5,000 more annually on luxuries — 62% more than 2019-2020, noted by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

More specifically, the average Brit is spending a whopping £242 a year (2021-2022) on managing their pets. To give you some perspective, that’s 30% more than their spending in 2019-2020.

So, in the face of a crisis, how can these Brits manage their pooch pampering without breaking the bank?

Top Money-Saving Tips For Pet Owners

With inflation climbing and the smell of a recession in the air, it’s not unusual to be scrambling through your receipts to figure out all the ways you could be saving money. So, we’ve come up with some cost-efficient solutions and top money-saving pet owner hacks.

1. Food, Glorious Food

By being more selective with your pet food choices, you can ensure your pet gets a happy, healthy diet, whilst your finances stay off the menu. There’s an endless stream of food options for every pet, depending on diet, taste preferences, and most importantly budget.

Don’t be blinded by the big-budget branding and just grab the first option you see. Do your research – we suggest speaking to your vet – and find the food that fits your pet’s dietary requirements for the lowest price.

Also, food that provides more optimal nutrition for your pet will result in fewer health issues, which in turn will mean you avoid extra expenses on medicine and treatment. With a little branching out, you can start seeing significant reductions in your pet food spending.

2. Healthy Pet, Healthy Wallet

It’s rare to find a pet who enjoys going to regular vet check-ups. That being said, it’s rare to find reasons why this isn’t completely beneficial.

With regular (minimum annually) check-ups, you can ensure that your pet stays sufficiently healthy all year-round, as well as your annual expenses being majorly reduced. In many cases, pets develop health issues due to symptoms being unrecognized or untreated for prolonged periods of time. Naturally, this leads to medical bills and all sorts of expenses.

With regular exams, should there be any unwanted health concerns, you have the best chance of spotting and treating them as quickly as possible – saving both your pet’s health and your bank’s balance.

Also, consider exercising your pet as often as possible, according to their specific health requirements. Paired with annual check-ups, this will add further protection for both your pet and your finances.

3. Pet Grooming For Dummies

Pet grooming can run up significant costs every year for pet owners. However, with a lesson in DIY pet grooming, you can start cutting claws as well as expenses. The UK’s full of pet grooming services, each offering different levels – and prices – of grooming.

Just the simple upkeep of your pet’s grooming standards, including body washing, teeth cleaning, and fur brushing, can leave your bank account drained. Therefore, a simple way to combat these continuous costs is to train yourself in the simple art of pet grooming at home.

By purchasing the appropriate equipment – pet grooming scissors are handy, for instance – you can pay a small price for a long-term investment, which will most definitely pay off. So, sharpen up your pet grooming skills and bring a fresh shine to your bank statements.

As we continue in this cost-of-living crisis, be sure to take advantage of these highly beneficial money-saving tips, to manage your pets with more style and less cost.

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