How To Setup Schema And Why Rank Math May Be A Better SEO Plugin

Schema markup, commonly called structured data, is a semantic vocabulary of tags that you may add to your HTML to enhance how search engines understand and display your page in SERPs. These markups enable search engines to understand the significance and connections of the entities listed on your website.

This aids in giving consumers richer, more accurate information in the rich snippets, increasing organic search result click-through rates. Schema markup has consequently become a popular subject in SEO. Pear Analytics, a San Antonio SEO company will show you how to set up your schema markup, and we’ll look at a few available WordPress plugins to create your schema.

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How To Set Up Schema

You may utilize some of Google’s tools to produce your schema markup. The steps are as follows:

  1. Visit Google’s Structure Data Markup Helper
  2. Choose the type of data that you plan to markup
  3. Paste the data in the URL of the page you wish to markup
  4. Highlight the elements to be marked up
  5. Generate the HTML
  6. Use the Structured Data Testing Tool to determine your page’s appearance
  7. Add the schema markup to your web page.

Custom Schema Template

You can add and modify the markup on your Page Builder Templates by using Custom Schema. Custom entities don’t come with a predefined set of Knowledge Graph fields, so in order to make sure that your sites qualify for rich search results, you will need to specify the markup on these pages manually.

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Comparing The Best SEO Plugins

Three separate plugins, Rank Math, Yoast SEO, and All in One SEO, will likely appear when you search for a WordPress SEO plugin. These are the most widely used plugins that are well-supported and are regularly updated to help optimize your website for search engines. Here is a comparison between the three leading SEO plugins to assist you.

Rank Math

With the help of the quickly growing WordPress SEO plugin Rank Math, you may improve your website’s pages and articles and automate your website’s SEO. Once you’ve finished with the installation, the plugin configures itself automatically. It has a powerful user interface and highlights each post beside the individual message.

Key Characteristics

  • Simple Installation Wizard
  • Unlimited Keywords Optimization
  • Google Schema Markup and Rich Snippet Integration.
  • Integration of LSI Keyword Tool
  • Google Search Engine Console
  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool

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Yoast SEO

The WordPress SEO plugin Yoast SEO is the most popular downloaded by users. You may use the plugin to add meta tags to every piece of content on your site. The plugin also evaluates your content’s readability and makes it easier for readers to understand.

Key Characteristics

  • Templating for titles and meta descriptions
  • Implementation of Schemas
  • Advanced Sitemap Functionality
  • Control over Website’s Breadcrumb
  • Automatic Canonical URL
  • Analysis of Readability

All In One SEO

Another complete WordPress SEO plugin is All in One SEO. The plugin automatically creates meta tags. Additionally, the plugin works with Google Analytics and helps monitor visitors’ interaction with WordPress.

Key Characteristics

  • Supported Site Map in XML
  • Supports Google AMP
  • Supports Google Analytics
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • Automatic Search Engine Notification
  • eCommerce Sites and SEO Integration

Why Rank Math May Be The Best Option?

With Rank Math, users can unquestionably step up their game. The advanced features it offers are almost unmatched by any other SEO plugin. You can get the Pro version, and use Rank Math on unlimited websites.

A great feature is the ability to analyze a page for multiple keywords.  For instance, if I want to rank for “seo san antonio” and “seo success metrics” on the same page, Rank Math can graded the page for both variations.  With this, you can tweak your content, titles, tags and other elements to increase the scores.

Additionally, Rank Math is module-based which helps choose the required capabilities without overburdening your website. The plugin is also three times lighter than Yoast SEO, making it the best option for site owners.

Final Thoughts

SEO is essential if you want to be found online, which is why you need a specialist WordPress plugin. According to, Rank Math is growing in popularity, with about 1.2 million installs, compared to over 11 million for Yoast installs on WordPress.  Rank Math is certainly worth trying if you’re looking for more power user features.

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