Listen to Music While Relaxing Your Eyes! | Geekstyle

Music helps soothe and calm us, especially if it is natural sounds. It can lull you into a deep sleep.  I also found that having your eyes covered allows you to just doze off in peace, and do it in style.

Here is the scenario, you are on a plane and you are very tired.  You want to sleep and you want to feel relaxed with music playing so you won’t have to listen to your surroundings.  Then you might just need the Leisure Eye Cover with Speakers.

The gadget comes with the sounds of nature, but it also has a jack that allows you to plug it into your favorite MP3 player.  The Eye cover comes in 3 colors.  Grass Green, Aqua Blue and Rose Pink.  It is priced at US$16 each.  The pack includes (Leisure Eyes Cover with Speaker, Built-in Nature Sound, Line-in 3.5mm Jack Plug, Soft Cloth Eyes Cover, Elastic back strap, AA battery x 2 piece.)

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