Top 4 Benefits Of A Personal Air Cooler

Now that summertime is in full swing, we’re getting inventive with how we stay cool from the pounding heat. If you’re one of those people who blast the A/C the moment they get into the car, or sweats profusely with just a short walk to the store across the street, look no further than your very own personal air cooler.

A mini personal air cooler is exactly that: it allows you to carry your own bubble of cool with you wherever you go. There are several air coolers to choose from that tout this simple benefit, such as the Honeywell ZETA, which also serves as a humidifier and a fan.

Not convinced? Thinking about creating your own DIY air conditioner instead? Don’t write us out just yet. Check out these top 4 benefits of owning a personal air cooler and say goodbye to having to fan yourself at your desk at work while your coworkers look at you funny.

Let’s get started!

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1. Portable

A mini personal air cooler is designed to be portable. For example, at just 12-inches in length, the Honeywell ZETA fits on the palm of your hand. This allows you to stay cool wherever you go, and the cooler will easily come with you without being a bother or sticking out like a sore thumb.

Trying to remain comfortable when it’s scorching hot outside can prove to be a challenge in many places. For example, if you end up at a restaurant with outdoor seating, you can prop your mini air cooler on the table and create a cool breeze for you and your tablemates.

Finding effective ways to get the most out of the great outdoors while dealing with the heat of summer isn’t easy. One of the top items for helping you do so is a personal air cooler. As a result, you can enjoy feeling your best while soaking the summer sun!

2. Saves Energy

When summer rolls around, energy bills tend to hike. This has to do with the amount of work our air conditioning units have to dedicate to keeping your home or office cool. Most A/C units rely on electricity to power up. Some solar-powered ones do the job; but when on the topic of mini personal air coolers, these tend to be rechargeable.

Take our same example as earlier: the Honeywell ZETA. The mini cooler touts a USB charge port that makes it easy to plug in and charge on the go. On top of that, you’re saving money on electricity and contributing to the conservation of our environment overall. Some coolers like the ZETA feature a compressor-free natural cooling mechanism that is more energy-efficient, making it last up to 10 hours per use without a refill.

A mini personal air cooler is a great alternative to using a ceiling fan or running your A/C bill high. If you’re looking to quickly cool off at home, a portable air cooler may do the trick.

3. Affordable

With that being said, more energy efficiency means higher affordability for the average consumer. Prices for mini air coolers range from $100 to $200, give or take. On top of that, you are not paying for electricity use and batteries.

On top of that, portable air coolers last a long time and would not need to be replaced for over a year.  If you’re looking for an effective, portable, and affordable option to stay cool this summer, look no further than an air cooler.

4. Effective

At the end of the day, a personal air cooler is highly effective in keeping you cool for hours on end. For example, the Honeywell ZETA air cooler releases air throw up to 10 feet, wielding the power of a triple high-efficiency blower. It also has cooling pads with antibacterial treatment for a fresh breeze free of any dust or particles.

Air coolers work based on the evaporation process which works by converting warm air from surroundings into cool air using water.  This process circulates cool and moist air at every corner of the room and cooling it in a few minutes. With several different fan speeds and a sleep mode, personal air coolers are here to help you achieve the perfect level of cool.

Many people seek for tabletop or ceiling fans, but fans will only circulate surrounding warm air which will not help to keep cool for Indian summers where usually temperature hover around 45 degrees. That’s why air cooler is the best and affordable alternative for residential and commercial purposes.

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