HWY Pro Promises To Make The Notorious Trucking Life Easy

Apps are becoming more and more ubiquitous in modern office spaces. Who these days works without Skype, Slack, or Asana? While apps may be commonplace in offices, there’s one sector that apps are just starting to disrupt—trucking. Being a truck driver is an infamously tough job only the ones with steely resolve can handle. Truckers spend weeks or even months on the road. What if the hard life of trucking around could be improved with an app? That is exactly what three newbie app developers are trying to find out.

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Why Is There A Need For A Trucking App?

HWY Pro, a new app developed by Bill Busbice and two colleagues, is targeted at independent truck drivers. It is not a GPS tracking app or even a sleep monitor, two types of the most popular apps currently used by truck drivers. HWY Pro is a different monster entirely. The app aims to directly tackle time waste on the job, so truckers can enjoy more time sleeping and spending with family.

[pullquote]The importance of HWY Pro can be lost on non-truckers who don’t understand the demands of the job.[/pullquote] Independent truck drivers own their vehicles and aren’t told where to go by a dispatcher. Truck owner-operators, as they are called, have to manage routes and organize hauls on their own. This means spending hours calling shippers and intermediaries. That is in addition to maintaining the vehicle and doing the actual driving. What HWY Pro tries to do is outsource most of the tasks associated with arranging a load so that truckers can have more time to actually drive. The app definitely helps increase time efficiency and reduce overall stress for owner-operators.

What Does HWY Pro Offer Truck Owner-Operators?

There are many features installed on the app that owner-operators can benefit from. Mainly, the app connects the drivers to a team of freight specialists. This team can handle the nitty-gritty aspects of organizing a load, such as calling intermediaries and making sure a load arrives at a designated truck stop on time. Most of the annoying aspects of being an owner-operator are thus handled by Hwy Pro.

The app allows truck drivers to arrange a load with just six taps on the smartphone screen. Better yet, drivers can arrange several loads in one sitting. There are other perks available on board, such as a smart route planning feature. Drivers can plan a route and have new loads be delivered to available stops along the way without wasting time waiting at the truck stops. Truckers can also get real-time updates on new loads as they become available to maximize fuel efficiency per load.

Directly To Owner-Operators

HWY Pro is unique in a way because it is directly aimed at truck drivers. Most of the software available in the trucking sector is utilized by companies to increase corporate efficiency. With HWY Pro, individual drivers can increase personal efficiency levels during their trucking sessions.

HWY Pro is available on Google Play and Apple App stores. Interested drivers can check out the potentially disruptive tech on hwypro.com.

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