5 Effective Ways For A Successful Online Interview

Many companies now prefer to conduct online interviews. That is because it saves them money and time. The applicants can also take advantage because it spares them from the hassles of commuting, especially in heavy traffic. However, even if there are this change and improvement of the hiring process, the competition for applicants is still tight.

Personnel from human resource departments are trained to do their jobs. Therefore, in getting the position in your target company, consider these proven ways to have a successful online interview.

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1. Set-Up The Necessary Tools

It is important that you organize everything before you sit and accept the interview. Setting up the necessary tools can improve more your confidence. Moreover, it will give your employer the impression that you are serious in getting the job.

  • Start with your desktop computer or laptop. Install the application (Skype, Hangouts, Line etc.) required by the interviewing company. You can check a list of other tools used for online interviews to know your options. Familiarize yourself with these programs first so that you will be comfortable in using them. Some companies ask for transferring and receiving of files during the interview. You should be prepared for that.
  • Use a fast internet connection. You cannot afford to lose connection in the middle of the conversation. Furthermore, if this online interview is for an online job, slow internet connection is detected and might discourage your target employer in choosing you.

2. Set-Up Your Place

You have the option to have the interview in your room or some other places. It is discouraged to have it in cafes and restaurants. You would want to eliminate the noise in public places as this will cause a serious distraction to you and your interviewer.

In choosing your room or any other exclusive places, you should be wary of your background. You can choose or put plain and pastel-colored walls in order to avoid visual distractions. Use a laptop support stand in positioning your computer so that the camera will only capture the background you prepared for the interview.

3. Dress Professionally

Even if you are applying for an online job, be sure to make a good impression by dressing up your best. Do not wear pajamas just because you are applying for a freelance or home-based job. However, this does not entail also that you should wear heavy make-up and tuxedo for men.

Astound your employer and stand out among the many applicants by wearing your best business casual attire. If the online interview is for an office job, every industry has general dress codes to follow.

Therefore, pay attention to every detail of it. Moreover, you should dress from head to toe. Most online interviews will require you to sit only, but you might grab something in the middle of the conversation. It would be a total turn off for the employers if they will see a mismatch of clothes.

4.  Conduct A Mock Interview

You can prepare better if you get the feeling of having an interview for real. Request a friend to have a mock interview with you a few days before the real one. You can choose somebody you know who has a background in conducting interviews. That way, you will deal with an expert during this practice drill.

If you do not know anyone with that background, you can still print from an online source the common questions used during an online interview. Ask your friend to use those questions and you should also prepare a draft of your answers. By doing this, you can filter your responses and improve them. You can even solicit feedback from your friend on catching some errors so you can avoid them.

During this mock interview, treat it as your final rehearsal. Dress up and try to conduct it during the scheduled time, but not the same day, of course. That way, you will be aware of some activities that are going on in your location and can eliminate more possible distractions.

5. Be Confident During The Interview

When the tools and your place are ready, the last element to prepare is yourself.  Confidence is something you cannot just impose. There are these things to observe first in order to wear confidence at its best.

  • Show up early.  In some cases, employers only go online at the scheduled time of the interview. You should be there first and should be the one waiting. There are also instances that the interviewers are already queuing their next applicants and the earlier you show up, the faster also you can secure the slot. Punctuality, in general, is an ideal characteristic of any worker.

Aside from impressing your employers, you can avoid any delays in logging in. Some companies ask to download video conference software and conduct the interview using that program. Once you have set-up everything, the more confident you will be when the online interview starts.

  • Speak slowly and clearly. Nervousness becomes obvious when you stutter or even when you speak faster. Save yourself from those traps by speaking in a manner that it will be comprehensible to your listener. However, do not forget about being witty and smart in giving your responses. Your mock interview should have refined your answers.

Consider the possible delays during online interviews when the microphone slowly picks up your voice. In some cases, that is inevitable. Therefore, try to enunciate the words slowly and clearly.

  • Smile and listen carefully. Show confidence by enjoying the conversation. Smile often, but do not lose the focus. Always listen to every word spoken when your interviewer speaks. Once you did not get the information, be polite to ask again. Avoid cutting in by allowing a few seconds interval before you give your response.


Following these five effective ways for a successful online interview can surely boost your confidence in getting the job. These tips can bring you nearer to the possibility of being hired. As long as you have the skills and be able to pitch yourself during the interview, you can surely get the spot.

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