The Future Of Web Design

An online presence is now one of the most essential features of any business,  with e-commerce being of growing importance. But growing alongside e-commerce, is the use of smartphones, as you know, we live in a world where it is harder to find an individual without a smartphone than with. Mobiles are convenient, and apps are faster. The majority of web browsing occurs on mobile devices, web design Miami, and all over the world, is shifting to accommodate this change in user preference by being mobile accessible or having solo apps.

All revolutionary aspects of web design are there to improve user experience and interaction, and mobile use is not the only feature to do so. The boom of online sites has been popularised by allowing people to do practically anything from the comfort of their own homes, no more waiting in line, and no more busy shopping centers. Websites offer all the critical aspects of face to face business, with interactive and virtual reality across e-commerce.

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Having interactive features on your website can be anything from product displays to pop-ups, that draw attention to encourages visitor participation and engagement in your content.


Big companies, like Adidas, have been known to use interactive features when releasing new products. In April, the brand released a new pair of running trainers, and their website featured an interactive view of the shoe on their homepage. This not only built awareness of the release but allowed customers to move the product and read about its features and design in an easy and fun way.


Another sportswear brand to jump on the interactive bandwagon is Nike. Their website allows users to make their own shoes and then try them on. This feature not only allows customers to have individual experiences that they couldn’t get in person, but it also resolves the most significant issue customers have with online shopping, not being able to see what products look like when they are on, revolutionizing e-commerce.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a combination of reality and virtual reality, in which users are able to use their reality and adapt to the use of a website’s virtual reality. This can vary from furniture to jewelry.


Ikea uses this augmented reality to help customers make smart and educated purchases. Customers can take a picture of a room in their home, and Ikea will add the desired item into the room, to scale, to determine if the product will fit or go with the rooms design.


Another business that uses this feature is Specsavers; the company allows users to scan their faces using the website or app and then adds the selected glasses to your face with the use of virtual reality. This will enable customers to move around and see what the glasses look like when they are on and from all angles without having to go in-store.

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