I Use My Finger… What Do You Use?

There are a few questions that everyone working in an office is subject to every single day no matter what day of the week it is. Whether it’s in the beginning of a meeting or while everyone is just hanging around in the kitchen chit chatting about the schedule for the day. It’s not a question that you put too much thought into answering or asking. Nope, it’s just one of those questions you every once in a while need to ask or answer in order to get your creativity flowing throughout the day. At least for most people.

So, tell us for God sake already what you might say… Well, the question is of course, if you haven’t already figured it out is, “Do you by any chance have a spoon?”.

It’s so happens that in a world where everyone is hooked on the coffee spice taste we constantly try to sweeten it in various ways. This brings with it that we need a spoon to correctly distribute whatever we have in our coffee evenly. Therefore, we need a spoon. But what if there isn’t one around? What if you don’t want to have to wash up all of those spoons at the end of the day? God knows that people are disgustingly lazy and just keep on pouring coffee into their cup no matter how many days they have neglected to clean it.

Designers Li Cheng & Zhang Xun for Newplan Design came up with a genius solution to the problem. Ok, it’s not self rinsing but at least you don’t need a spoon again, EVER! It’s a cup with an incorporated spoon, sort of. What you do is stir the coffee with your finger as the lid of the cup is flexible. Now isn’t that making us even more lazy…