Super Moonwalk: Guy Defies The Laws Of Physics While Running

The world was speechless the second Michael Jackson performed the Moonwalk for the first time during the Motown 25 Anniversary back in 1983. People couldn’t believe what they had just seen, and even though he was already widely popular, Michael was propelled into super stardom the second that song ended. Since that day, we have seen people perform the moonwalk pretty much in every single club around the world, and in most cases with catastrophic consequences. It’s been a while since we’ve been treated to something that ultimately makes everything we thought was impossible suddenly true, but that is all about to change today.

A street artist in Santa Monica, California has come up with something that will make most people speechless once again. He’s taken the moonwalk and created something that can only be called the Super Moonwalk. Instead of walking, he actually runs and is still propelled backwards. It’s a mind boggling experience to watch the video of him performing this feat. The laws of physics appear nonexistent, and even though he is running, he is going backwards.

I am sure we will see a lot of people try and do this as well just like they tried to perform the original moonwalk, but this time around with even more catastrophic results. You have to give Michael a higher rating though since he didn’t use anything except his ordinary shoes to perform the moonwalk. This guy seemingly uses shoes that are way too slippery to even walk in. The end of the clip is totally proof of that. Still, I can’t believe what I have just witnessed. Props!