Fall In Love With Oreo Cookies All Over Again!

We are inundated with advertising every day. It is nauseating sometimes, isn’t it? It is everywhere. I think that is why I enjoy escaping to the woods and going camping because it is truly the only place I can go in the world where I feel like I’m free from all those constant in-your-face influences.

I think we all filter out a lot of the advertisements that we see to the point that we might not even notice them consciously. Many people think the constant advertising in the world is only going to get worse. I wrote an article recently which included a graduate student’s mind blowing glimpse into a possible augmented reality world complete with advertising in the future. If you want to check that out, you can do that here.

Since almost all the ads we see are relatively boring, I notice and appreciate a creative, well thought out advertising campaign. I’m very happy to report that this Oreo cookie elevator ad falls into this category. I love Oreos. My dream Friday night would be a couple of great movies, a gallon of milk, and a whole package of Oreos. This use of new media is fabulous. Dunking the cookie into milk every time the elevator goes down? Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Is it possible that this ad is working on me now? I’m seriously craving some Oreos and milk.

Because this is so cool, I have to give credit to the agency that came up with this creative idea, here is the scoop:

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Becker
Executive Creative Directors: Sandy Greenberg, Terri Meyer
Art Director: Jeseok Yi
Copywriter: Claudio Lima
Photographer: William Tran