Hidden Gems Of New York City You Need To Visit This Winter

New York City is an incredible place to visit. So incredible, in fact, that more than 60 million people flocked there in 2016. And there’s plenty for them to do, from tried-and-tested ‘tourist’ favorites such as a classic show on Broadway to a trip up the Empire State Building. You can actually enjoy this along with other multiple other activities using a New York Pass. But, while these activities are definitely worth doing, here are a few hidden gems of New York City to add to your to-do list that only the locals seem to know about…

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The Perfect Photo Opportunity

Take the 1 train up to the 168 Washington Heights station, then head east to Highbridge Park. There you’ll find a bridge that dates back to the mid 19th century to form part of the Croton Aqueduct and, since re-opening in 1915 (the bridge that is, not the aqueduct), members of the public have been able to walk across it in the direction of the Bronx for breathtaking views of NYC. It’s arguably one of the best photo spots in the city, so wrap up warm for a winter wonderland snap to post on your Instagram feed.

New York Is A Place For A Proposal

Ever visited the Grand Central Terminal? Well, NYC’s beautiful station is far from a hidden gem, but the whispering spot is a bit lesser-known. Stand in front of the Oyster & Bar restaurant at the intersection of the archway, with your partner stood on the opposite side: a trick of the acoustics means it’s possible to hear what’s being said all that way away. Those in the know about this hidden gem tend to use it for marriage proposals, earning it the name ‘the whispering gallery’.

Something Out Of The Ordinary

New York City is home to some of the best museums in the world: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim Museum, to name but a few. But, there’s one you definitely haven’t heard of… nestled down the very unassuming Cortlandt Alley (between Franklin St and White St) is ‘Mmuseumm 1’ –  a tiny space that features a rotating collection of things that are ‘overlooked, dismissed or ignored’. The space is so small that it can only accommodate three visitors at a time, so swing by and see if you can squeeze in.

An Eerie Relic Of The Past

Whether you’ve seen the movie or read up on your history, you’re probably familiar with the story of Titanic – the ship that never made it to New York City after sinking in the icy depths of the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. Well, make your way to Pier 54 on West Street and 13th Street where the Titanic was due to dock, standing outside the rusting iron gates to pay your respects to a part of New York that’s presumably been left untouched out of both respect and neglect.

So, will you be visiting any of these unusual places in New York city this winter? There’s so much to squeeze in, but be sure to carve out some time for at least one or two of these hidden gems… if only to see a part of NYC that most people don’t know exists!

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