The US National Debt & Budget Made Easy [Humor]

With everything that has happened in the past few years concerning the global economy and the constant increase of the American national debt, it’s easy to understand that people want change. They want change, and they want it now. People are suffering, and even losing their jobs. That ultimately, according to the majority of citizens, is due to bad management from the government. I think everyone agrees with me that it is somewhat horrifying that only a few people can cause so much damage in the world by, as they call it themselves, “human error.” Whether it is just that, or pure mishandling of the money, it doesn’t really matter. Pointing the finger right now won’t solve the problem, but actions will.

The world is already quite a serious place, and to make sense of everything that is horribly wrong sometimes takes on epic proportions. It is not always an endeavor a concerned citizen is able to undertake. Since we are a website dedicated to technology, social media, design and everything considered geek, we always try to find the fun, enlightening and inspiring topics. That is why I decided to see if I could find something that might have a poke at the way we look at things.

I managed to find a really funny way of looking at the American national debt (even though there is absolutely nothing funny about that at all). It is actually a way to make some sense of it all. It’s a humorous interpretation of the numbers with the purpose of making it a little bit more understandable. As all of you will see, there simply is no way that a government could keep up with household spending like this, right? The hard question is how to reverse the effect and actually make it a positive result. There are many theories about how to do this, and I am sure that they are all being debated right now. However, what would life be without a little bit of simplicity? This is only one way you could simplify the American national debt easily. What’s your opinion? What can be done in order to make the whole system and result a little bit more… positive?

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The US National Debt Simplified

Via: [Awesome Galore]