Facebook & Relationships: How It Affects You [Infographic]

According to the movie The Social Network, which was a huge box office success not too long ago, Facebook’s most important feature in the beginning was the relationship status. Rather the actor who played Mark Zuckerberg in the movie and the script portrayed that. However, Mr. Zuckerberg himself has said that the movie is fiction, and that his life is far from as dramatic as they portrayed it in the movie. You still have to think about it for a second.

The relationship status really was the most important feature back then because people simply wanted to know stuff they previously couldn’t find out without asking. They could go into Facebook (The Facebook as it was called back then), and simply get it from the person himself/herself whether that person was available to talk or not. We have seen in the media that Facebook has been a huge reason for why some married couples break up, and it can really affect relationships in a bad way. This is most likely due to the fact that you can go out there and network in a way that was previously impossible. Some people just feel very left out, and the rubbing between the two partners can become unbearable I guess. However, Facebook is about a lot more than this of course.

This infographic, created and presented by Online Dating University, shows you just how much Facebook can affect you and your relationships. The funny thing is that Facebook can even affect your health and personality in a whole lot of ways that we previously didn’t think about, but Facebook has an ace up its sleeve. With all the commerce and branding going on with this social networking giant, the shift could be quite huge when it comes to people sharing their personal information on there. The reason for this is quite simple and lies in the nature of human beings really. We simply wouldn’t run into to the jam packed convention center down the street and scream out our relationship status, would we? So as Facebook stumbles more towards commerce and branding, there is a slight chance that we’ll be seeing a shift in how we share information with others.

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Facebook Relationship Status As Infographic