Prep Up Your Social Media Campaign By Leveraging Animated Whiteboard Videos

What’s the big deal about explainer videos? Why did they suddenly become the buzzword among most of the social media campaigners? Are they even useful for the present social media generation? Do they have the potential to become the biggest tool for social media marketing? A decade back, the burgeoning social networking sites were considered as the ‘it’ thing among the majority of the digital business experts. Most of the companies were evaluating and determining how far they could achieve their goals with regards to social media marketing.

Are you someone who’s looking for the most effective social media marketing tools? If answered yes, you needn’t look any further than the animated explainer videos and whiteboard animation videos are the most popular type of explainer video. They are short videos which are generally animated and they help in explaining the company, their product, and their services by utilizing animated characters all through the video. It is drawn on the whiteboard with the help of well-knit information and characters.

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Few Statistics Which Can Make You Use More Videos While Marketing

There has been an inevitable shift towards visual media, especially on the social networking websites. As per recent reports, the total number of videos posted per person increased 95% only in America. You’ll be rather shocked to know that currently there are 4 billion video streams every day on Facebook. Here are a few statistics which will make you use more videos during marketing.

  • You can boost conversion rates by 80% when you add a video on the landing page
  • 65% of the users are more eager to purchase a product after they watch a video on it
  • 50% of the buyers are on the lookout for more details once they see a product video
  • 1/3rd of all online activity is spent by the social media users in watching a video
  • As per YouTube, their users spend watching more than 4 billion hours of video in a month

Hence, if a video is still not a key part of your content marketing or social media marketing strategy, you’ll be lagging behind all your competitors.

How Can The Cool Animated Whiteboard Videos Boost Your Social Media Efforts?

1. Flexibility

When you are thinking of designing a video to showcase your company products, you can choose whiteboard animation explainer videos which can perfectly adapt to your requirements. You require choosing a definite style as per your marketing goals, the kind of audience you aim for and the kind of service and product you offer. It’s perfect to get the best fit for improving your presence in different social media channels.

2. Grabs Attention Very Fast

The attention span of most people is pretty short and in the world of social media, the attention span is way less. When you create whiteboard animation videos, you get a chance to quickly grab the attention of the viewers amidst the fast-moving environment.

3. Immensely Engaging

Such animated videos are not only persuasive but they’re also extremely engaging. By utilizing intriguing and appealing animations and visuals, an interesting voice-over, a lucrative technique of story-telling and with the usage of the right amount of humor, you never know how amazing results you can get to boost engagement rates on social media.

4. Improves The Credibility Of Your Brand

Explainer videos, especially the whiteboard animation videos, are customizable and hence it is even easier for you to enhance the identity of your brand on the social media. Experts suggest that it is better to add the colors of your brand to the background so that the viewers know that your company is one behind that USP (unique selling proposition).

5. Mobile-Friendly

People mainly access the social media from their smartphones and when explainer videos are mobile-friendly, what better than this? However, you should follow the basic rules to make your explainer video mobile-friendly. In the case of whiteboard animation videos, everything happens in the whiteboard.

Where To Post Your Animation Videos?

You have to adopt a marketing mix when it comes to utilizing social media. Here are few of the giants on social media where you may choose to post your animation videos.


This is still the Numero Uno in social media and it is the first to exceed the benchmark of 1 billion registered accounts. They boast of a steady and constant increase of 17% every year. The best thing about Facebook is its flexibility and the fact that everyone uses it these days.


They have 1 billion active users in a month and are also the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. Being on top of the mind is what the best thing about YouTube is because it is the best option as long as watching videos are concerned. So, don’t forget to post your explainer videos on YouTube.


They have more than 650 million active accounts in a month and you’ll be surprised to know that their user base has doubled up in size from 300 million to 600 million within just 2 years. They just took 9 months to grow from 300 million to 400 million users and later on within the next 6 months, they grew from 500 to 600 million. Their stunning video content is the best thing about Instagram. To know more on the techniques to market your animated video on Instagram, click here.

Therefore, if you’ve been thinking of utilizing whiteboard animation videos for your social media marketing strategy, you can take into account the above-mentioned strategies and techniques. Keep prepping up your techniques according to your target audience so that you can generate the maximum conversions and profits.

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