Tell Me, Why Do You Love Twitter?

I love it that a lot of people have really been so engaging and now love Twitter like I do! When I started tweeting there were only a few people I knew who were into the social networking platform, but now there has been such tremendous growth.

While browsing through the world wide web, I found a very neat video that @problogger made some years back and he sparked an inspiration. The growth of Twitter has been exponential and I would really love to know why so many people love using the platform!  So I said, why not write a post about it and ask our readers why they love Twitter?

I am pretty sure that some of you guys have been taken to this site because of a tweet by your followers or a tweet from me or my fellow Bit Rebels writers.  Now that you are here, do you mind sharing why you like tweeting?

Let me start the ball rolling by saying that I love Twitter because it has enabled me to connect and meet with the most diverse number of people in real time.  It has given me the opportunity to share thoughts, opinions and friendships from all over the world!

Now it’s your turn. hope you share with us here by leaving us a comment!