The Buzz | Is This Another Attempt to Be Like Twitter?!

When you see something, the instinct now is to share it to your online friends.  The Buzz word lately no pun intended around the interwebs is Google Buzz.  When I opened my Gmail account I had that icon with some updates already and some of my contacts already following me.  They also have an interesting proposition.  “ Go beyond status messages. Share updates, photos, videos, and more.  Start conversations about the things you find interesting.”  Sound familiar?  Looks like people at Google are trying to leverage on the success of Twitter and FaceBook.  And I don’t blame them, Twitter and FaceBook have been very successful in connecting people and allowing people to share the same stuff that Google Buzz is offering.

There is a mobile version too! Google Buzz for mobile allows you to see what’s going on around you, post messages tagged with your location, and keep up with your friends on the go. Visit from your phone’s mobile browser to start using buzz.

Here are some links that I hope will help you figure out how you can leverage using the tool: 5 Tips for Power Users from PC World and How to Use Google Buzz the Unofficial Guide by Zee of Next Web I have also included 2 videos for you to check out!

But it is still just open to GMail users.  Are you using Google Buzz now?  What is your experience?  For me, I am still for Twitter and FaceBook when it comes to sharing and connecting.  But will definitely explore Google Buzz!

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