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There are many companies out there offering both paid and free solutions for quick webpage building, that are mobile-friendly. Some do a good job; others leave the call for a mobile fast-friendly site, difficult to maneuver through. Answering the call to provide an easy to use and simple to learn bootstrap builder, Mobirise released its product Mobirise Free Bootstrap Builder available to download for either Windows or Mac.

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Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise website builder is an easy to use, downloadable program that specializes in building drag & drop style website creation. The novice/layman who isn’t an experienced site creator is the primary focus in the design of their program, taking extra care to make creating a website as self-explanatory as possible.

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Drag And Drop Template Building

The drag and drop method of block building is something that anyone who uses a computer has become familiar with in one way or another, and is incorporated in the site-building/designing phase.

Familiar Editing

From there, editing the blocks are every bit as simple as using any text or photo editor. You just select the block you want to add text to, or select to change the picture, and start placing in the info you’d like to populate your page with.

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They didn’t recreate the wheel as it relates to anything that a user needs to do to get their content in, and every term is relatable to anyone who uses a computer.

Working Offline

Something else that makes Mobirise Website Builder stick out from the rest is the ability to work on your site anywhere you are, whether you have any internet service or not. You can work on a page offline, then when you’re done. You can upload it to whatever server you’ve opted to use after you’ve gone back online.

Bootstrap 4 Templates

Bootstraps version 4 is a cutting-edge framework technology that is designed specifically for mobile browsing ease and accessibility. This framework is incorporated into every template, allowing each page that is produced through using Mobirise Free Bootstrap Builder to run comfortably and quickly on mobile phones and tablets, as well as computers.

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Unlike the older framework, Bootstrap places mobile technology first in its list of device priorities. Mobirise has 20 available bootstrap templates at this time, to be incorporated into your Mobirise experience. However, they still have many other templates to choose from.

  1. Head to the website, and click the link that reflects which system you’ll be using to create your site – PC or Mac are the options available.
  2. Hit the download button, and the instructions to download become just as clear as downloading anything from online. Follow the prompts of your system to install after the download.
  3. After you’ve installed the program, open it up, and select the option to start a new site on the menu.
  4. You’ll notice a list of different items to the right-hand side of the screen/interface. Those are your blocks. These are the elements that you have at your disposal to incorporate into your page. Select one that you’d like to start with, and drag it into the workspace.
  5. Click on the block to edit either the text or pictures, just as you would anywhere else. You can select a picture in the block, and add a new image or change the existing. Text is simple, just remove the placeholder text and replace it with your own original content.
  6. To modify the block itself, rather than the elements within the block, you can do so by adjusting the block’s parameters. Go to the parameters panel, select the block, and you’ll see that the right-hand side will now become filled with information you can change for that specific block.
  7. It’s always a good idea to check out your work before putting it on display for the world to see. Have a look at the preview of your site and make sure everything is just the way you’d like others to see it. You can switch through the different platforms that will be viewing your website and can see what it will look like through a mobile, tablet, or home PC.
  8. If all is well, and you like how it looks, it’s time to publish it to the web. The publish button is easy to find to the left-hand side of the user interface (UI). Click the button & that’s it. Your website will be uploaded to whichever host you’ve decided to go with.

FYI: Mobirise Free Bootstrap Builder also hosts websites, and if there aren’t any others that you already have in mind to use, they’re available.

Pro’s And Con’s

The pros are relatively self-evident. This program is easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to upload and have a presence online. Though that’s summed up in one sentence, for some people, that’s all they’ll ever need, because that’s all they’re looking for.

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The cons come after you’ve gotten used to everything, and want to try and expand into different things. Yes, Mobirise is a versatile program, but it is geared toward particular things. If you don’t have intentions of having a mid to large website, it’ll work out just fine. But more essential sites will wind up, requiring much more than what Mobirise is currently able to handle.


All said, it’s worth the download, and it’s up to the user to determine if the paid upgrades are worth the one-time payment. According to the feedback I’ve witnessed, I have seen some complaints that are not irregular to an evolving and growing program. But on that note, I haven’t seen any regrets either. The majority of users appear to be happy with their choices, and continuously use Mobirise and also it’s Bootstrap builder consistently.

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