Spelling Check | Language Translation on Google Wave

If you have already been waving or is starting to wave, tips and process information on how things work on there is always helpful.  Waving is real time, and when you converse on there you see people as they type in a word, a phrase and you can even answer even when the person is not done typing yet.  I noticed that people’s first reaction to it is the spelling mistakes one does when he or she tries to type fast to follow in the conversation.

Google has addressed the issue and would like to allow people to concentrate on the conversation rather than the spelling mistakes made.  The aim is for people to increase their speed in typing without worrying and allow them to stay productive.  What is cool about it is that it does not matter what device you are using the tool on, laptop or mobile, the experience will be the same.  And it also does not matter which language you are comfortable using, again the experience will be the same.

Here is a very simplified explanation by Casey Whitelaw from Australia Tech Team on how language is processed on Google Wave.