The Top 5 Laziest Inventions

So while we all try to become more effective somehow we want to do less doing it. This is certainly a contradiction most inventors are trying to solve, daily. With so much time on our hands (or not) we really try to do as little as possible while we wait for…yeah, what are we waiting for? How come people have become so lazy that they don’t even want to do stuff on their free-time anymore. The less we can possibly physically do the better it seems. This is quite a concern for doctors and employers in the modern age and is there really a solution to it?

I mean, what about the enjoyment of twirling up your spaghetti on your fork? What about the thrill of turning off the lights before you go to be knowing you might not find your way back to the bedroom in time before the imaginable ghosts will come and haunt you into a fright night you will never forget?

Have we become too laze lately? Well, telling from this quite hilarious yet bothering clip it seems we have lost the will to do just about anything at all really. Imagine using these devices on your first date for example. Do you think the girl will fall for you right there, instantly? Well, if you do…either you’re on a really weird date or you’re just one of those that really should rethink your strategy about what girls really like.

Hmm, where did I put that electrical bottle opener…?