Light Writer iPhone App Uses Air As Its Canvas

With each new feature introduced into the iPhone, there are more and more advanced applications made available to us. The smartphones of today are as powerful as laptops, and with that comes of course some ingenuity beyond our imagination. People try to push the boundaries for what a smartphone is perceived to be able to do, and every once in a while we are amazed when someone breaks the impossible barriers and introduces us to something groundbreaking. I guess I could list a lot of different applications right now, but I want to focus on a particular one that I have been looking into. I must say that I haven’t tried it yet, and that will keep me from being able to provide my opinion about it based on experience.

Regardless, I thought I would have a go and see what this little application called Light Writer has to offer. I should mention that it is not the first time someone set out to try and create this kind of app. The app in itself is quite easy. It uses the hardware features to determine where and how the iPhone is pivoted, and then based on that, it calculates the time it should flash the letters that you want to scribble in the air. Yeah, it uses the air around you as its canvas, which is pretty neat.

There have been many people who couldn’t seem to make it work though. The thing is, in order to get good results, you need a camera to photograph the swaying and flashing of the letters. The shutter speed needs to be long in order to capture it all. That is how the photos in this article have been created, and it’s pretty much almost the only way to write something readable in the air. But, that doesn’t make it a boring app.

Even though the reviews of this application vary, it’s the core feature that allows you to write stuff in thin air (with the use of another camera) that makes it a great tool for designers and artists. It would make for a really cool timeline photo on Facebook for example, or why not as a header for your website? There could be many uses, and they don’t have to be super expensive either. This badboy will set you back about a $1 right now, so hurry! If you get this app, please send us your photos, and we will compile an article with the very best ones. Be creative, and you will most likely definitely make the list!

Light Writer iPhone App




Image Credit: [Zombie Light Text – John Biehler]