Ruslan Ranjabar: Digital Content Architect At Jellysmack

Ruslan Ranjabar, hailing from Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, has made a mark in the dynamic field of digital content creation. An unwavering commitment to storytelling and a sharp awareness of online trends in the Creator Economy defines his path. Born in 1994, Ruslan’s love for storytelling began early on.

At 12, he started his filmmaking journey equipped with his first camera. Despite scarce resources for budding filmmakers in his hometown, Ruslan sought guidance from YouTube, where he found many filming techniques, editing, and visual effects tutorials.

In 2018, Ruslan joined Jellysmack, a growing startup set to revolutionize the Creator Economy. With deep knowledge of the online world and a knack for spotting emerging trends, Ruslan quickly made an impact.

Ruslan Ranjabar Digital Content Architect Header Image


In 2019 he kickstarted and led Creator Program at Jellysmack bringing large YouTube creators to new platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. Under his leadership Creator Program grew to over 3 Billion monthly views across over 60 different creators.

As Vice President of Content at Jellysmack, Ruslan focused on identifying key partnerships and developing global content strategy. At that time Jellysmack signed renowned creators like MrBeast, Kallmekris, and Bailey Sarian. Leveraging Jellysmack’s tools, he curated diverse content that engaged global audiences, garnering acclaim and industry recognition.

Jellysmack emphasizes advanced technology, robust data, and multi-platform expertise to help creators grow bigger on different platforms and reach new audiences.

Creator Program played a key role when Jellysmack received a substantial investment from SoftBank in 2021. The funding has expedited Jellysmack’s global expansion and boosted its research and development for its core technology. Jellysmack utilizes advanced AI tech and proprietary data to identify, edit, optimize, and distribute creators’ video content.

In addition to syndicating content, Ruslan, as Head of Creator Academy, mentored short-form creators in producing viral content for Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Under his guidance, creators saw significant view increases, reinforcing Jellysmack’s influence in digital media.

Although Ruslan left Jellysmack in 2024, his impact endures through the various strategies he implemented, creators he mentored and his lasting influence on digital content creation.

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