Grafitti – Art of Outlaws | Time Lapse

I don’t claim to know or understand the lifestyle and culture of graffiti artists but I can say this. I am ultimately inspired by the many awesome pieces of work some of them do. The “Taggers” i could live without but the fine art of some is what gets me going in the morning. Walking across a tunnel with great graffiti in it or just a wall dedicated to it is one of the most inspiring things you could do when the sun has just started to set. Usually I pass some really nice pieces when I take my morning runs. I’ve often think -“Maybe we should get a Graffiti logo for Bit Rebels instead”. After all we’re rebels and it would be cool to fuse the 8 Bit style with the graffiti one. Something to put my teeth in a little bit later.

Watching these guys work is also very inspiring as they, unlike us working with Photoshop, use cans as their main brush. Their techniques to get certain strokes and styles are just amazing. Even though their techniques are different we have something in common. They put their paint on in layers and so do we. Usually when I design I am using upwards of 100 layers to achieve a certain effect or style. These guys go back and forth with their colors and the result is a truly amazing quality of depth achieved with a spray paint can.

Take a look at some of these time lapse / sped up vids of some of the most talented graffiti artists around. Get inspired, stay creative…

Pose and Ewok x Ironlak x SuperVision

Meks & Vans x Ironlak