Photoshop | Applying & Removing Make-Up

Alright, we’ve come to the point when I’ll be stepping over into a female territory for a second. Being an artist and all puts me at the make-up girls table every so often as well but I can tell you that the make-up a guy uses for TV appearances is not the same as what girl use each and every day in order to look stunningly beautiful. It’s purely to hide the gloss and create a smoother image on the telly.

There are situations that you probably have a photo and thought to yourself that -“Wow, this was a great photo but what the heck did I think that day to leave without adding…[add what you feel is necessary]…” So, after a bit of research of course there is a way to add additional make-up post photo shoot. As a matter of fact there are a ton of tutorials on it and I have made sure to add the very best ones for you right here.

There are a few people out there that I know are masters of applying additional make-up post photo shoot and they also create stunning art of their make-ups which has really opened my eyes to this really cool technique. It wouldn’t be fair to say this only applies to applying make-up as it is also a great technique to add tattoos or whatever else you want to add directly to your body in a photo that you really like.

Again, remember that practise is everything and the more you practise the quicker you’ll master this technique and really be able to pull off a seamless result where even the best make-up artist won’t be able to spot what’s real or not. So, work on it and enjoy!

Applying Make-Up

Removing Make-Up