Delving Into Destiny 2’s Dynamic Raids: Challenges And Strategies

To make the end game of Destiny 2 more interesting and challenging, the developers added raids. They are much more complex than raids and require more preparation and well-coordinated teamwork.

Raids in the game are very difficult, so many players find it very difficult to complete this part of the content. But since there are good prizes, most players participate in raids.

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Delving Destiny 2s Dynamic Raids Challenges Strategies


Description Of The Mode

Raids in Destiny 2 are joint PVE missions in which players are united in teams of 6 people. The main innovation was the elimination of route indicators, which is why Guardians have to solve puzzles on their own and find the right path.

At the same time, you cannot make mistakes in battles, because… allies are resurrected when reaching checkpoints and can be raised 30 seconds after death. At the end of each raid, there is a battle with a boss, a particularly dangerous unique character.

He can carry out a series of powerful attacks, control enemies, and quickly kill them. Usually, the boss is helped by standard units, summoned every 30 seconds. If your squad kills an enemy, he will drop a chest with valuable loot.

Raid gear is the strongest in the game, except for the rare Trials of Osiris.

Differences Between Raids And Raids

Outwardly, both modes in Destiny 2 are very similar: the squad goes through rooms with ordinary units that are trying to resist, and at the end, they kill a strong boss and receive a chest with items.

But to start participating in a raid, you need to wait about 1-2 minutes, after which the character will be added to the squad. However, for a raid mission, you will have to form a team in advance.

Passing Time

On average, a raid in Destiny 2 takes up to half an hour, while raids can take more than 3 hours. This difference is because the map is not linear and there are no pointers.

Method Of Passage

The raid must be completed on the first try, and the raid is allowed to be completed in several runs, i.e. you can reach the checkpoint and exit safely. Then come back and finish the quest. The main thing is to be on time before the reset.

If you do not open the chest, then you can no longer continue the passage.

Difficulty Levels

For the convenience of players, the developers have made 2 difficulty levels to design raids of different difficulty: normal and difficult. First of all, you need to complete the task with normal difficulty to gain access to the next level.

However, you will not be able to skip normal difficulty, even if the fire team leader has already completed it. This was done to teach newcomers the basics of a new raid, studying locations and opponents.

Hard mode is characterized by strengthened enemies, high incoming damage, etc., which is why there will be no opportunity to calmly explore the map. Let’s look at the features of each level:


The guard can only be resurrected 30 seconds after death. Simple enemies that do not have buffs to damage and defense spawn in the rooms.

The chance of exotic items dropping here is slightly lower, so there is no point in stopping at the usual one, but you should quickly move on to the second level.


You cannot lift teammates. The only way to save your allies is to capture a control point. In addition, enhanced enemies appear in the rooms, which are almost impossible to kill without teamwork.

The power level and rarity of guns and armor dropped from the last chest are significantly higher than in a regular raid and strike. If you are looking for unique slots for a given raid, then they can only be found on the hard level.

When Does A Raid Reset Occur?

To prevent strong players from repeatedly knocking out all the items in one week and to encourage Guardians to complete the raid on time, the developers of Destiny 2 have introduced the following rules: Every week on Tuesday there is a reset that destroys the progress of all fireteams if

To prevent strong players from repeatedly knocking out all the items in one week and to encourage Guardians to complete the raid on time, the developers of Destiny 2 have introduced the following rules: Every week on Tuesday there is a reset that destroys the progress of all fireteams if they did not complete the raid.

This means that it is no longer possible to continue the task from the checkpoint, and the former rewards have been replaced with new ones. The player receives new loot after completing the quest only 3 times, i.e. 1 for each character.

However, you can kill the boss an unlimited number of times to help your friends complete the task.

When Can You Start Raiding?

All activities in Destiny 2 have a recommended and required Strength level. If you do not meet the second indicator, then you will not be allowed to pass. It can be found in the task description.

If the character does not match the first one, then problems will arise during the quest. The opponents will be too difficult. They cause too much damage to a character with a low Strength level, and you most likely do not have a powerful weapon to fight with.

It is worth clarifying that failure to meet the recommended number of Strength points can result in a decrease in your effectiveness. In the first part of the game, for each missing point, the character received a penalty of 3% reduction in resistance and damage dealt.

If you need to have 300 strength, but the Guardian only has 295, then the hero will lose 15%.

Destiny 2 – How To Find A Team

If you don’t have 5 friends playing Destiny 2, you can find a team on the game’s official forums. Leave a request on the website and indicate the number of people you are looking for.

If someone wants to be added, then they need to click on a free slot and go into the shooter. In addition, announcements about the search for a squad are posted in thematic groups on social networks.

Before you start looking for a squad, get enough power points, otherwise you will not be accepted into the team. This is because an insufficiently leveled guard will be ineffective during the quest, and no one wants to lose because of a weak link.

To sum it up, raids in Destiny 2 are a very interesting, if sometimes difficult, type of content that will appeal to most fans of the game.

Delving Destiny 2s Dynamic Raids Challenges Strategies


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