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Escape rooms are great fun for both adults and children. Heading out can be expensive but with Lock Paper Scissors you can create the fun in the comfort of your own home. The best thing about the games on offer from Lock Paper Scissors is that you can even design your own.

When you buy an Escape Room, $5.00 from every purchase is donated to help Kids and communities make their own escape from poverty. They offer complete party kits and casual games to suit a range of ages and group sizes and all types of events. From birthday parties to corporate training they’ve got you covered and the best thing you can choose your space from the living room, kitchen or summer garden BBQ.

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Escape Rooms For Kids

The Lost Mummy transforms any space into ancient Mummy’s tomb. Packed with puzzles and easy to follow instructions your kid’s party is bound to be a big hit with their friends. The invitations are super cool, and the posters are even editable so you can personalize them.

Lock Paper Scissors even offer classroom escape kits which can consist of a week of lessons, so the kids can learn about the ancient wonders of Egypt, whilst developing their critical thinking skills in a fun and inclusive way. Escape Rooms are the perfect way to unleash their imagination and develop practical skills.

Escape Rooms For Casual Gamers And Teens

Dive into the mystery of Mr George before the clues magically disappear. You can theme your evening with Spotify and make your playlist to match the game. Create an unrivaled ambiance your friends and family won’t forget.

Escape Rooms For Adults

If you love game night and being with friends and family, then saving your dinner from Zombies with Escape Room Z is a perfect recipe for an entertaining evening. If you prefer an evening of treason and intrigue, then Rebel Revolt easily transforms your space into a room of daring adventure. The kits are easily downloadable and customizable so you can add an extra twist.

Escape Rooms encourage teamwork, communication and bonding in a relaxed but still competitive way, making them a great way to encourage people to work together and get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Getting together over a non-work related activity instantly takes the pressure out of any work get together.

Design Your Own Escape Room

There are tons of ideas to take inspiration from so if you like Sherlock Holmes style murder mysteries, espionage, Vampires or even time-traveling adventures, you can build and design your perfect Escape Room with ease. With editable posters and invites, you can let your creative side run wild.

Check out all the different escape kits available to suit your needs and just enter your details on the Lock Paper Scissors website for a chance for win and start playing with the Big Box Bundle composed of Escape Room Z, The Disappearance of Mr. George, Rebel Revolt, The Lost Mummy, Escape Quest, and a Bonus pack: Treasure Maps. (2 winners will be selected at random)

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