Why You Should Play Fantasy Football Even If You’re Not A Fan

Fantasy football is a great opportunity to get involved with a game that everyone is talking about. It requires very little effort, and you can disguise yourself as a true fan while fitting in among your peers.

Fantasy football is closer to Final Fantasy than it is football, and though you might assume it requires an in-depth knowledge of the game, the opposite is true. Fantasy football is essentially a simple video game that’s reality-based, and it’s probably similar to games you’ve played before. What’s great about fantasy football is the ability to play at work, where you can even be in a video conference with fantasy football in the background.Fantasy Football Gaming Article Image


Why Should You Play Fantasy Football?

Generally speaking, the game involves populating a roster, with six position types. If you don’t know the role of the quarterback, it doesn’t really matter, and if you prefer, why not visualize him as a more identifiable character in your fantasy game. Fantasy football helps you with those otherwise awkward conversations at work where you’re asked about the football game over the weekend, where normally you wouldn’t have a clue how to respond.

With the basic knowledge acquired from your fantasy football exploits, you can prevent this awkwardness and perhaps even contribute surface level knowledge from your exploits!

What’s even more appealing is the prospect of receiving fantasy football trophies, a great reward for your efforts. These incentives are enough to encourage you to proceed, alongside feeling social acceptance when you engage in conversation with colleagues. You will only need to know a handful of players to avoid appearing clueless, and after learning a few names, you’re ready to go.

Another leading benefit of fantasy football compared to the real thing is you won’t necessarily feel lousy if your team loses, as passionate fans often do. You won’t be as attached, but you will have a fun outlet to turn too, so it’s a win-win.

Football fans who play the game have biases which blur their draft decisions, but if you’re free from bias you’re already one step ahead. Some players are renowned for ‘choking’ in clutch situations, but this is based in reality than fantasy, so shouldn’t impact the fantasy setting.

Players can be mediocre in real life, but their actions translate to a massive number of points in fantasy football. Fans who play the game are likely to focus too much on their real-life understanding, and this will feed into your hands as a non-fan. If you consider yourself a nerd, there are slews of advantages you can capitalize on, including being less susceptible to fallacies, being good with numbers, and an excitement for winning. If you don’t want to dedicate too much time to fantasy football, you can probably get away with only checking your team once per week.

Fantasy football can be fun regardless of your status on the sport, so hopefully this article has encouraged you to give it a go.

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