How To: Collect Your Farts to Fuel a Cannon

Manley has a dream, a big dream. Now that he’s learned how to collect his own farts and store them, he hopes to use them to fuel a homemade cannon. After all, farts are combustible gas.

Let’s back up a moment. First of all, I realize that writing about farts is not very lady-like; however, farts are a big part of my life. I have a nine-year-old son; need I say more? He prides himself on his ability to fart on command and each time he does it, he laughs uncontrollably. Yes, this is my life.

Ok, back to Manley. It took him a long time to learn how to catch a fart. According to him, the only way to effectively do it is to use a plastic bottle. Then, while sitting in the bathtub, and holding the bottle upside down under the water (with the top off), fart. Then catch your fart by… well… I will just let you watch the video below to get the big picture. Manley has been collecting his farts regularly for two years. He says that the biggest thing he underestimated when he started this project was how huge a fart really is. Apparently a fart is really, really big. His goal is to have enough farts stored up to fuel his cannon by the end of this week. He says he expects this project to be a complete failure. That’s the spirit Manley! Good luck!