$100 iPhone Stand | Created using a $100 Bill

Do you have too much money on your hands? Still don’t know what kind of iPhone / iPod stand you want to grace your little gadget with? Or are you simply tired of having the same thing everyone else has for their iPhone / iPod? Well, as it seems there is a cure for just about anything. And what better is, this is actually the first time you can eat the cake and still have it left. Yup, that’s entirely correct. Sweetness in a box so to say.

If you have a spare $100 bill and have a little time to spare then just go ahead and create your very own iPhone / iPod stand out of exactly that bill. How, it’s way more simple than you think. Just lock on to this video clip and swing away. You’ll have it done within a few minutes and I assure you it’s an eye catcher. Your friends is sure to get jealous of you. That’s for sure.