Cisco Spark Board And Room Systems

As a logical progression following healthy growth, businesses will generally look to move into bigger office space in order to accommodate a growing workforce that requires more specialized needs and requirements. Naturally, any move to a new office is likely going to be followed by the purchase of new equipment, furniture, and hardware, which will help to ensure that you’re providing your team with the tools (like the ones from Cisco) they need to complete their job to the best of their ability.

While those that fail to do this are likely to find that it will affect the performances of their team, those that succeed will see a wealth of benefits in productivity and efficiency. Because of this, ‘one-stop-shop’ team collaboration platforms such as Cisco Spark are integral to redefining the way that people meet, communicate and work together.

Spark Board

While Cisco Spark generally refers to the software, there is also accompanying hardware products too that are specifically designed to bring teams together and allow them to work better together. As an all-encompassing team collaboration device, Cisco Spark Board is the enterprise equivalent of an Apple iPad, except it’s dedicated to transforming the meeting room experience and provides accessibility from anywhere and on any device.

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With a Cisco Spark Board, you’ll be able to share presentations, documents and whiteboard drawings in stunning 4K UHD with crystal clear audio capabilities. Available with both 55” and 70” screen sizes, the board features state of the art technology and is manufactured with quality parts, but the real benefits lie within its ease of use and infectious user adoption model. Conducting meetings using the Cisco Spark Board will make attendees want to get involved in the immersive experience, where its other features can ensure that great meetings never end!

Spark Room Systems & Devices

To further enhance the meeting room experience, Cisco has recently launched Spark Room Systems, which is a complementary and intuitive video collaboration system that connects to both the Cisco Spark Board and the platform. Whether you have a Spark Board or not, Spark Room Devices are a powerful collaboration solution that integrates with flat panel displays to deliver an intelligent and engaging experience to all involved.

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Cisco SX Series

For those that already own a flat panel display, the Cisco TelePresence SX Series is able to transform an ordinary screen into fully fledged a video conferencing system and has a number of models to choose from. Designed for small to medium rooms, the 5K UHD camera is aimed at delivering a meeting room experience that can be expected from more expensive systems, but in a more compact and cost-effective package.

Cisco TelePresence MX200/MX300 Series

For those looking for a more complete and affordable high-end solution to fulfill their video conferencing needs, the MX200/MX300 Series features a 5K UHD camera and codec that’s integrated into a 42” or 55” intuitive display with a powerful speaker system and built-in bass. Ideal for small to medium rooms of 6-8 people and with easy installation from box to video in less than 10mins, adding video capability across your business couldn’t be any simpler with the MX200/MX300 Series.

Cisco TelePresence MX700/MX800 Series

As a one-stop shop team collaboration solution, there really is no better alternative to the MX700/MX800 Series range which offers best in class video conferencing integrated with a wealth of innovative features. Available as a single or dual screen in sizes 55” and 70”, you can select from a 1080p60, 20x total zoom single camera or an intelligent, dual-camera with PresenterTrack that automatically focuses audio and video on the presenter.

Cisco Cloud

As the powerhouse that underpins this technology, Cisco Cloud provides infrastructure solutions to customers for any deployment model they’re looking to implement. Bringing all kinds of technology together in one place, unified communications wouldn’t be achievable without the Cloud. With a flexible and scalable solution from Cisco, customers can benefit from improved team communication/collaboration, usage of non-native soft/hardware, reduced costs and seamless management. Not only that but with Cisco Cloud, you’ll truly make the most of what Cisco Spark has to offer in revolutionizing the meeting room experience.

Why Use Anything Else?

For many organizations, the tools used for communication and team collaboration aren’t likely to be all in one place, which means that workforces aren’t always as productive as they can be. Not only that, but much of the technology found in businesses is likely to be relatively outdated now, such as projectors and webcams. However, with Cisco Spark, there really is no need for any other technology as everything you need is all rolled into one.

Ultimately, by making the switch to Cisco Spark as your main team collaboration platform, you’ll find it makes teams more productive, it makes discussions more effective, and it keeps everything localized into one platform.

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