Get Ready for the Cold Weather | iPod Proof Your Gloves

Don’t you hate it when you need to take off your gloves during cold weather because you need to do some music surfing on your iPod?  Fret no more, here is a DIY lesson to iPod Proof  your gloves.

Glove Materials:
A pair of your favorite gloves
– Needle (medium sized)
– Spool of conductive thread (purchased at Spark Fun or Lame’ Saver)
– Fabric pen or marker

1. Put on your gloves

2. Mark the location of where your fingers touch your screen with the fabric pen or marker, this will be your center mark.

3. Take off the gloves and thread your needle with conductive thread (tie a knot at the end)

4. Using the dot as your center mark, sew about a 1/4″ – 1/2″ square with horizontal stitches. The size depends on the size of your finger. Pull the thread all the way through to the inside of the gloves. The trick is that the thread touches your fingers on the inside of your gloves when you have them on.

5. Sew another square of vertical stitches on top of that one, tie it off, and cut the excess thread.

6. Do this for every finger you want to be able to control your device and then your done! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!!!

SOURCE: Stay Warm