How A Microsoft Product Scared The Life Out Of Some People!

A prank is always a prank and a good one is remembered for a long time, at least for the person that is pranked. To come up with a good prank, you have to be one step ahead of the victim otherwise the joke will most likely backfire and be on you, like we have seen so many times with the wallet and the string. Before you know it, you’re the one being dragged and it’s no longer a joke, at least you don’t think so.

This particular prank was created to check the attractiveness of Windows Office Ultimate edition. Would people steal it if they found themselves alone with the package and no one around to claim it? As you will find out, their plans were quickly overshadowed by a noise they will probably never forget.

Sure, maybe it wasn’t so much about the hotness of the product itself. However, a prank is a prank and these reactions are ones to check out. Especially see the guy on the staircase and the girl at the end. I never thought someone could be scared into a sitting position. It’s quite an achievement if you ask me. Enjoy!