Moments In Tech History Every Geek Should Know [Infographic]

In order to be considered a geek in today’s society, you pretty much just have to proclaim you are one. However, a true geek is said to know the intricacies of actually being one, if that make sense. To live and breathe “geek” is something that for some is a life’s calling. But as with everything today, the word geek is so vast that trying to explain it is difficult, if it is even explainable. Originally a geek was someone who was all into computers, comics, Star Wars, Star Trek etc. It has somewhat changed since then. Now it seem the words nerd and geek have one and the same meaning. Plenty of people have pointed out that there are a few things a geek should know in order to really be a geek. Some vital moments in tech history have been mentioned over and over again.

So how do you educate yourself in tech history anyway? Do you have to pour over old books, and spend countless hours on the Internet searching? Not really, all you have to do is to have a look at an infographic presented by HP and the Computer History Museum. It is called Great Moments In PC History, and it is a pretty useful timeline infographic to check out if you want to educate yourself on all things tech history.

Of course, this tech history timeline starts with the founding of Hewlett-Packard back in 1939 (after all, they created this infographic). There are about 20 important years on here which in all honesty should be quite easy to remember. Knowing your lifestyle has never been simpler, if you know what I mean. However, what we should all remember is that being a geek is not about looking back at what was achieved, but looking forward to see what can be invented.

The geek culture has always been able to bring out the most impressive innovations around the world, and that is not about to stop anytime soon. It feels a little bit weird knowing the iPhone has only been around for 5 years. It feels way longer than that. Google was founded back in 1998, and that also feels quite insane. Google has always been a huge part of our daily online life. The fact that they have only been a part of tech history for 14 years is nuts.

If you want to honor the lifestyle of being a geek, have a look at this infographic and see if you can’t make a few of these important moments in tech history stick. Maybe you even know of other profound moments in tech history which you would like to share with us. Please don’t hesitate to do so in the comment section below. Our tech history has never been as fast paced as it is now, so it has never been as exciting to be a geek as it is now. Maybe a few of you, our readers, will be a part of changing our tech history since some of it has yet to be written. The future is here, and we’re writing it with every second that passes by.

Important Moments In Tech History

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Header Image: [Paul Sakuma]