The 5 Most Influential People in Mobile Tech

Laptop Magazine released their list of the 25 Most Influential People in Mobile Tech last month and it reads like a who’s who of creative geniuses.

According to the magazine, this was the criteria to be considered for the list: “It takes a special type of leader to execute in an economy that is just beginning to rebound. Today, more than ever, so much rests on the shoulders of a handful of movers and shakers whom we count on to lead us toward a brighter and better wireless tomorrow.”

In this article, I’ll share the top 5 from that list. Enjoy!

#5 Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis
Co-CEOs, Research in Motion
Ages: 48 and 49
These two men have done an amazing job with Blackberry. The Curve outsold the iPhone in the first quarter. According to Lazaridis, When the economy is challenged, people flee to trusted brands. Known for being risk takers, Balsillie and Lazaridis do not shy away from the negative criticism they’ve received. They use that feedback to make better products. RIM is scheduled to debut a second generation Storm in October.

#4 Scott Forstall
Senior Vice President of iPhone Software, Apple
Age: Unknown
1 billion downloads in nine months. Enough said. Everyone knows the phrase, “There’s an app for that.” What’s next? An iPhone 3.0 software update to include cut and paste, MMS and search capability. Apple is also working on a media tablet which is a device between the size of the iPod touch and the MacBook.

#3 Jon Rubinstein
Executive Chairman, Palm
Age: 53
Rubinstein is credited for moving the focus of Palm away from the failed Foleo device and moving everyone’s attention over to the Palm Pre and the new webOS operating system. Before Palm, he led the team that created Apple’s iPod. This guy has a lot of energy and is up for the challenge. Everyone expects to see big things from him over the next year.

#2 Evan Williams and Biz Stone
Co-Founders, Twitter
Ages: 37 and 35
Laptop Magazine put it best when they said, “Imagine this: a startup, with no business model that allows users to post 140-character updates, takes over the world.” At this time, there are 825 apps for Twitter. What’s next for them? Figuring out exactly how Twitter will make money. Did you know that Evan and Biz are credited for coining the word “blogger?”

#1 Steve Jobs and Tim Cook
COO, Acting CEO, Apple
Ages: 54 and 48
When Steve Jobs encountered health problems earlier this year, he appointed Tim Cook to take over day to day operations at Apple. Cook joined Apple in 1998 and the year before he came (1997), Apple reported a $1 billion (with a B) loss. Long story short, a year after Cook came to Apple, the company reported a $600 million dollar profit (1999). If you read about Steve Jobs and Tim Cook working together over the years, you will quickly learn that they are the dynamic duo. According to Laptop Magazine, “The duo has succeeded in steering Apple through potentially rough waters and have laid a foundation for future success, which is why together they hold this year’s number 1 spot as the most influential people in mobile technology.”

To read this entire article, including 20 other fascinating leaders, get your hands on a copy of the July issue of Laptop Magazine.

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