$8,000 Star Wars Vintage Poster Now Up For Grabs

You are most likely a fan of Star Wars if you are reading this right now. You came here to see what could possibly be selling for $8,000 that has to do with vintage Star Wars. You might even be wondering if you might have one of these geeky things. Maybe you didn’t even know that it was worth this much. If you have one, please make sure to tell us because it’s stories like these that we love to report about. So what do we have here… It costs $8,000, and it is all about Star Wars. Well, if you have read the title (which you of course have done, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?), you know that I am talking about a vintage Star Wars poster.

This particular Star Wars poster is a rare one. It features R2-D2 and C-3PO with symphonic instruments, and it is a promotional poster for The Star Wars Symphonic Suite by John Williams. It is going up for auction soon, and the price is said to land somewhere between $5,000-$8,000 or possibly even more. That’s not too bad for a poster that probably cost 50 cents to produce. You might be asking yourself why this particular poster is expected to bring in so much money. Well, first of all, it’s one of the rarest posters ever in rotation. On top of that, it has the holy grail of autographs on it as well, the one of George Lucas himself.

There is a whole back story to this that I totally think you should check out, and you can do that by heading over to Paul Fraser Collectibles to read about it. This thing is set to go on the auction block on July 28th. Check out all the other awesome collectibles at the Dreier collection which will be up for auction as well. It’s amazing what people find, and as the Star Wars collectibles become increasingly rare, these collectibles are a marvel to look at. Love it!


Via: [Born Rich]