Ketchupbot: How To Put On Ketchup Like A Boss

We might come across as food fanatics here at Bit Rebels, and if you think we are, you are completely right. The more creative food is, the more we like it. We have written countless articles on the subject, and some have gone viral which of course means you guys are food fanatics also. The way we prepare and eat our food these days is ultimately boring if you compare it to some of the ways we have presented here on Bit Rebels. We really ought to spice it up a little with some creativity, and Diana is usually the one who finds the illest and most awesome tutorials about how to make your reality just a little more fun.

However, today I think I have found something that might match her food finds quite well. Even though the idea is probably better than the execution, I think this is one of the most creative uses for a bot. It’s the Ketchupbot, and it will help you put on ketchup like a boss. Its creator surely didn’t mind the mess this remote controlled wheel equipped bot made, just as long as he got his ketchup near his food it seems.

I think we all need a Ketchupbot in our lives to make it more fun and creative. I am sure if you were to contact the creator, you would be able to buy your very own. This would be perfect for my barbecue parties in the summer that I never throw. I might have to stock up on a few more bottles of ketchup though since this bot seems to use more of the red stuff to paint the house than what actually gets on the food.

Custom Made Ketchup Bot Concept